Zen Smoke Blend (Tin)

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Zen is a smokable herb blend that will leave you feeling calm and euphoric. Use before, during and/or after meditation. It has a floral taste and is pretty smooth.

Mullein- Mullein has a long history of use as a lung tonic. It can actually help you stop coughing when you’re sick. The smoke is extremely light and mild, almost like smoking air, and virtually flavorless.

Motherwort - Motherwort has been used for thousands of years to treat various conditions, including heart disease, anxiety, and irregular menstruation. 

Mugwort - Many ancient cultures smoked mugwort to promote vivid dreams. It also produces a very mild psychotropic effect while you’re awake. This herb is a light smoke with a pleasant, slightly sweet flavor.

Rose - Rose petals are also known for their ability to assist people who are trying to quit smoking nicotine-filled cigarettes. Smoking rose petals is also said to alleviate the symptoms of depression and enhance mood. Smoking rose petals decrease the symptoms associated with nicotine-withdrawals effectively.

Lavender - Its robust flavor and natural ability to help you sleep are reasons why lavender is so popular as a tobacco substitute. The main benefit of smoking lavender is the ability to get rid of nicotine without experiencing a major part of the withdrawal symptoms.

Ingredients: Mullein, Motherwort, Rose, Mugwort, Lavender


✨ Comes with a pack of rolling papers.✨


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