Samhain Blessings Bath Tea and Ritual Kit

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Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a friend?
This Samhain Bath Tea Ritual Kit is the perfect little gift for your friends who celebrate Samhain.

This bath tea will help you connect to your ancestral roots.


Autumn has arrived, and with it comes the advent of Samhain, a Gaelic holiday celebrated by Pagans and Wiccans, which is the year's third and final harvest festival. Here are some facts:

1. Samhain is celebrated from sunset on October 31 to sunset on November 1, almost halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice.

2. Some modern Pagans consider it the “witch’s new year,” though other traditions simply recognize Samhain as the end of the year, says Kelley Harrell, the author of ‘Gift of the Dreamtime.’

3. Rituals surrounding Samhain include bonfires, healing, dancing, Thanksgiving, and honoring of the dead.

4. It is one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals along with Imbolc, Beltane, and Lughnasadh.

5. It’s considered a liminal time when the veil between life and death grows thin. Food is set aside for ancestors and protective spirits, and rituals honoring the dead take place.

6. Some celebrate Samhain with a ritual to guide the dead home by opening a western-facing door or window and placing a candle in the opening.


Bathe in to connect to your ancestral roots.

Includes :
One (1) Samhain Bath Tea (1 .oz)
One (1) Ancestor Ritual
One (1) tea light white candle
Two (2) tea bags


Ingredients: Calendula, Rosemary, Mugwort



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